Outdoor Advertising Association of Great Britain

Outdoor Sectors

Because of its size, diversity and versatility, it is helpful to organise the outdoor market into three sectors.

Includes everything from phone kiosks, 6 sheets, 48 sheets. 96 sheets, large format special builds through to banners.
With its universal reach, Roadside is a very effective way of quickly reaching mass audiences.
Very effective at reaching young male audiences - a target group that other media find difficult to deliver

A wide ranging sector covering railway & underground systems, airports, buses, taxis, and trucksides etc.
Offers a high street presence in some areas where Roadside may have low penetration.
Can provide longer consumer “dwell time” opportunities.

Includes opportunities in health and leisure centres and sites seen at shopping malls, supermarkets and petrol stations, plus activity such as screens and trolley posters.
Often used to complement in-store activity and support price promotions
Reaches consumer in "shopping mode".