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H&S Bulletins
27/8/2006 Structure Inspections
25/8/2006 Secure Ladder System

Health & Safety – Standard of Best Practice

The following link provides a copy of the Health & Safety Standard of Best Practice used by members of the Outdoor Advertising Association.
This document is in Adobe Acrobat pdf format.
Health & Safety
For further information please read this in depth document .

Five Point Safety Spot Check

As part of our industry’s ongoing initiative to promote and raise health and safety awareness, the OAA Health & Safety Committee has inaugurated a monitoring process of drive-by site inspections called the “Five Point Safety Spot Check”. This will consist of ad hoc site inspections carried out by ANY designated personnel on ANY site operated by ANY OAA member. A sample of the form, as well as those personnel undertaking the spot checks, and locksmith services.
For further details: OAA Five Point Safety Spot Check
Sample form: 5-point check form

Health and Safety Passport Scheme

The OAA is introducing a passport scheme within 2005 whereby, with effect from January 2006, all labour relating to work on roadside poster panels will only be carried out by a workforce that has passed a specifically designed training course.

HSS have been appointed to manage the training scheme. The training programme has been put together in consultation with the HSE and using their ‘guidelines to a passport training scheme’ brochure.

Training days will commence in early 2005 and will be carried out across the country. Where new staff is taken on post January 2006 new employees will need to pass the training scheme within 3 months of their appointment. Any work carried out by such employees before obtaining their passport will need to be supervised by another worker who does possess a passport.

The training scheme highlights the commitment of the OAA to improve safety standards within the workplace and to help all employees minimise risk of injury while performing their job.

All enquiries should be addressed to Bill Wilson at the OAA.

For details of the training courses please click here.

Health and Safety Passport Holders

For a current list of Health and Safety Passport holders, please click here to log in.