Outdoor Advertising Association of Great Britain


The first thing that any advertising has to do is to get itself noticed.
But to get noticed, the message first has to be visible.
Here are some basic guidelines to help produce an effective poster.

One of the key considerations is how long the target audience will have to view the advertisement.
If you plan to use sites where people are on the move (e.g. roadside) they may only have seconds to absorb your message. Try and keep the advertisement simple, use clear images and as few words as possible.
However, where reasonable "dwell time" is likely (e.g. rail and underground platform sites), more complex images and more words can be used.
Use of branding is vitally important for effective impact.
Humour or wordplay can increase impact by creating a high level of involvement.
Choice of colour is important. Try using colours that contrast so that copy to be viewed from a distance.
Inclusion of a company logo can result in improved recognition especially when the icon is used across other media. Therefore, if a company logo is going to be used always make sure it is clearly visible.

Recent developments in technology mean there are now many more opportunities to display outstanding work.
There has never been a more exciting time to be using the Outdoor medium.

It isn't just posters that can serve as valuable OOA space either. Be resourceful and creative in your medium to identify opportunities to advertise your business for little to no additional cost. For example, this London bakery and online cake shop who provides bottomless brunch in London have decorated the exterior and interior of their shop to reflect their unique and creative branding. Visiting, or even walking past, becomes a memorable experience and visitors are no doubt more likely to share their experience on popular photo sharing apps like Instagram because of the unique decor.